Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Canberra Meetups

Well, it's been a slow year for the old Canberra Meetup. We started off strong but seem to have dwindled down to 4 eager but seldom present participants. So a little bit of publicity may be in order. Here's the flier and poster that I'll put up in Impact comics tomorrow.

To go to the Canberra Comic Meetups on facebook click here.


Edd Cross said...

Awesome posters/fliers! I'll be there in February!

Tom Bonin said...

Cheers mate.
I'm going to miss this one but I'll be there Feb.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Hey mate, just found out about this. I saw the flyer in Impact, good choice.
I've done a fair bit of writing in the comic field, nothing published (but did get an article in Brubaker/Phillips' Criminal) and pitched one series with Justin Greenwood to no avail.
I want to get a webcomic off the ground, would there be any artists at the meeting who are interested, guess I'll find out in Feb, cheers!

Tom Bonin said...

Hi Ryan, glad to hear you'll be going to the comic meet and I'm glad you like the poster. We've had very little attendance recently that I don't know who may show up. It seems the poster has caught people's attentions so things may be looking up. Anyway we'll see what happens in Feb.

Bobby.N said...

Great to see the meets are gaining strength, and good on you for pimpimg them Tom.

From a small start of about 4-5 people a few years ago, we here in Melbourne get an average of about 20-30 people now... so keep pushing.

It's sure as hell the beacon in my month.