Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gerhard is Amazing!

Do any of you out there follow The Comic Journal? I go there from time to time but the link I'm about to post I found on comic tools (no this isn't the link I mean). Comic tools is a great blog written by Matt Bernier who, while not the greatest comis artist ever, writes a fantastic blog about the technical aspects of comic creation. He has techniques, trails, advice and sometimes posts up links to cool things he's found: like this one (this is the link). The interview with Gerhard, of Cerebus fame,  follows his time on Cerebus: the way he worked with Dave Sim, his techniques and lastly what he's doing now.

The guy is amazing: the effort, the technique... amazing. This has rekindled my love of Cerebus and will be in the shops buying some very soon. If Cerebus is not you're thing read it anyway: you will learn something.