Tuesday, October 21, 2014

James Taylor: You and I

I recently worked with pictureDRIFT  on an animation for James Taylor's current 2014 US tour. The visuals are for the live performance of his recent single "You and I". Reflecting the lyrics of the song, the animation tells the a story of a man and woman separated from each other by time and space and their journey to be with each other. 

I copied actors in charcoal which were then animated with background.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Peter Pumkinhead

Here's the process I went through to do this little 3 pager for White Cat Press.  The web comic follows the misadventures of Peter Pumkinhead, who has just recently barfed up a skull.

Here are the pencils.

The inks.

The colour - water colour (and a bit of white gouache) over the original inks.

And the finished product - inks and colour merged in PS with a bit of touch up.