Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Like a Machine

A little while ago I did some illustrations for a video clip for my mate Karuna. The opening sequence with the tunnel and space ship are mine.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Space Invaders Zine Fair

October 29th, Friday night saw the opening to the Space Invaders exhibition opening at the National Gallery of Australia Canberra, the following day saw the zine fair in the new NGA wing: the Gandel Hall. Space Invaders is an exhibition on contemporary street art with some attention being paid to zines. I'm not sure how the story went but Sticky organised the zine fair whilst outside a mural was street arted on a fake wall.

Never having been to a zine fair I was not sure what to expect. I knew James Andre was going but I think it was his first time too so there was no one whose brains I could pick. I arrived on time (10am for 11 start) and set up next to James and his partner Matilde. As I looked around the room I noticed a couple of familiar faces one being Bernie Slater who was a couple of years under me at art school, the other being Marcelo Baez, who I met at Sydnova. 

Not all the tables were filled but a lot of people shared tables, there was no table allocation. Some tables were frothing over the brim but these were zine shops not individuals hawking their personal wares.

The day started off rather slow without a sale for the first half hour but from then on there was a steady trickle past my table and I ended making a decent amount of money. That was pretty much the sum up of the day really: a steady trickle with money being made. The tables were free so everything anyone made was lovely, lovely profit. Well at least for me it was as I live near Canberra.

Here's the  cover to Monster Addict.

This and James' other books can be bought here or here.