Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sketchy things 2

Here are a couple of pieces to get myself in the mood for some up coming projects.

This guy lost threst of his sword somewhere...

An assassin?

Samurai Mask 2

When I originally did the first (green) mask back in 2012 I wanted to do a series using a very simple pallet of primary and secondry colours. It's taken me more than 2 years but I've finally got onto the second one. Maybe in 2 more years I'll get onto the 3rd.

Here are the inks for starters.

(The design sketch for this mask can be found in the previous post)

And the first peice.

Sketchy things 1

Some sketch book pages (some edited some not) mucking around with brushes, felt tips, washes and a red pencil.

And of course the compulsory Dredd...