Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sydnova 2011

Man, and I thought the MCA zine fair wasn't for the likes of me!I made more money at the MCA in 6 hours than I did over the whole weekend. I was friendly, I chatted, I complimented peoples costumes, I did the hard sell but nothing doing. I sold 7 copies of the Dicks anthology, did 4 commissions, sold a  decent amount of comics for $3 and some old stuff I had lying around and still came home short. What an arse.
As per usual I shared a table with Trev Wood - he was so peeved off by the whole thing that he pretty much swore he'd never darken their doors again. Understandable as he has to make his way up from Melbourne.

Personally I blame our lack of success on the layout. Stars are grouped together away from us plebs and us plebs have to fight for our right amungst Pokemon T-shirts, cute toys, spray on tatoos and all sorts of merch the retailers probably didn't have licences for. Artists Alley is a bloody joke. And even with Tim McEwan being an organiser they still can't get it right. At least I was in a corridor away from the wrestling, though it was still loud enough.

I reckon all the comic related stuff ie artists, writers and publishers should be all grouped together all mixed up. None of this 'this is the pro corner and this is the slops corner' all together in one happy family out to help each other. It's not like the pros are going to lose money from being next to us.

A pretty uninspiring weekend all in all.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MCA zine fair II

It's been too long for me to write an indepth post so I'll just say though I made as much money as I usually make on a day I didn't have the right things for sale. The girls I was sharing a table with was selling envelopes and making a fucking killing!

I should have had some badges or posters. I thought that seeing as Brendan Hallyday wasn't there I'd pinch his gig and zombify people but Karma instantly hit and not one person was interested. I asked my mate Marcello Baez if I could use him as a promo but it still didn't work.

For $7.50 and the cost of the petrol this was a worth while gig. While the crowd is mostly ziners and strole ins there was enough custom to come out on top. A gimmick or other paraphernalia to sell is needed though - one comic will not suffice.


I am now vindicated, knowing that Thor was never a comic worth reading!