Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hammer Time

Many years ago (2003) I painted this image of Hammerstein from 2000AD.

I was very pleased at the time but very quickly started to see problems with it - too many to go into. I liked the pallet (the black/green background doesn't show up) and the lighting I had set up but I knew that I hadn't propperly acheived what I had set out to do.

This year I started a concept art class at St Leonards TAFE in Sydney called Production Art Department (which I sadly had to defer semester 2 of) where I was learning the necessary skills to make the painting I'd always intended. And so, here it is with some progress shots also.

First the ink drawing which i did in my sketch book, scanned and...

 printed out on some better paper. A base coat an some base colours:

Getting there:


As my first gouache/acrylic painting in almost 10 years I'm quite pleased with it but I'm sure that very soon I'll see all the things wrong with it.


Bobby.N said...

That looks awesome, Tom!... really great stuff.

I've been looking at picking up a brush again after about 15yrs... but I'm taking longer than I ought. - B.

Tom Bonin said...

Cheers, Bobby! I've been frightened of the brush for a long time but now all I can think about is painting - which has its pros and cons. As with all these things it's about priorities, eh? Looking forward to what you come up with.