Monday, April 1, 2013

2000AD Submission

I've just sent off my third submission to 2000AD. My first was exactly 10 years ago. I hope that in that time I have improved and addressed the problems they identified and that it will be enough to get me that first contract.

I realise there's a flaw in the submission process in that (as I understand it) editors are looking for reliability as well as talent. You can't prove reliability in a submission and talent... well, that's up to them. The best you can do is as soon as you get rejected is submit again.

Anyway. Quite a while ago now I read through the submission guidelines and it seemed that this time they wanted submissions like the Americans do with pencils, inks etc. I found this strange as 2000AD doesn't often break up the art process with usually just a writer, artist and letterer. Anyway, I had been told previously by Mark Chiarello, in showing him my work, that I was a penciller not an inker. So having had several rejections as an inker I thought I'd try my luck and submit pencils. On completing the pencils (to a script they supplied) I looked up the sub guidelines again and found that they had changed back to completed art. Bummer.

I don't usually do much pencilling because I feel stifled when appling the inks and my work ends up stiff and lifeless. I didn't feel like starting all over again as I had other things to get on with so I inked over the pencils and I'm not displeased with the result. Things definitely would have turned out differently going about things the usual way but one always learns thing doing things differently.

You be the judge.

Holed Up written by Richard McTighe can be found and downloaded here and is a fantastic little script.

And now the inks.


Marcelo Baez said...

Wow! Damn awesome work!!!

Tom Bonin said...

Cheers dude! Let's hope they think so.