Friday, August 31, 2012

The Incal

I just borrowed the second instalment of Moebius and Jodorowksy's The Incal featuring John Difool and the Metabaron, amongst others. I can't say I'm the biggest Jodorowsky fan so this left me a bit flat on the story side of things. The art on the other hand... looked crap. What!!! What did I just say 'Moebius crap??' Sadly yes, but it wasn't his fault. The copy I had is an English DC edition published in 2005 which features new colours by Valerie Beltran. Now I'm sure Beltran is a great colourist for her own work but for Moebius... Half of what is great about Moebius' work (alright maybe a third or a quatre) is his use of colour. Moebius' colour lets the line work breath, adds depth, and conveys emotion. Beltran's (in this particular book) is claustrophobic, homogenous and soulless. Moebius' work becomes generic and uninspiring.

I did a little google search and found a site which shows original pages with the new ones, the contrast is striking. What else is funny is that the new work has been censored. Is it the comic code? are the Americans prudes? I haven't bothered to find out but the end result is disappointing and an inaccurate introduction to Moebius' work for the uninitiated.

Here are some examples.




Craig Vial said...

So they leave in the blood and guts but censor the breasts? Nice to see their priorities are in order.
Also, the lettering is miles better in the original.

Bobby.N said...

The original has that 'water-colour' feel and seems dreamlike... and the Amercian one, well, tries to copy (literally) the colouring of modern sci-fi and Hollywood. It looks so commercial. - B.

Tom Bonin said...

It's a strange world we live in, Craig.

I think the lettering was all hand done in the original.

The DC colouring is definitely trying to contemporise the comic but as you said Bobby it looks the same as everything else we're seeing.

Xabier Sagasta said...

I totally agree with you, the new coloring kills the precious work of Moebius.

Great works of your own you exhibit on this blog, by the way. Congrats!

Tom Bonin said...

Cheers Xabier.