Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Studio

I've not really had a proper studio space since I finished art school 11 years ago. In share houses I, of course, worked out of my room but since then I've worked in what ever space I managed to scrounge. I did one year have a whole room to myself but it was a very bad year for production - I hadn't yet got serious. My most productive year was 2008 when I did 170 pages of comics and illustrations which I did in a room I shared with my son - it was his toy room (it was only a 2 bedroom house and he slept in our room). I hope I'll be able to achieve this again with my studio even though I now have 2 children.

I have finally pulled my finger out and have started work on a purpose built studio for myself and my partner. We will each have a room of about 30m squared. I have jumped through all the hoops, got my owner builder licence and have finally laid the foundations so that I may pour the concrete for the slab on Friday.

This is a very exciting time not to mention scary. I've never built anything of this scale by myself and though I've been a builder's labourer for my working life and grew up helping my dad build the family home it's quite something else to have all the responsibily all of a sudden. The carpentry doesn't bother me really but the slab is pretty damn daunting.

Anyway, here's my studio as I work from it at this very moment.

That's a light box under the mac, reference books underneath the desk, various papers (including the inked List pages) next to the printer, a pair of antlers keep my drawing boards from slipping, a Balinese mask grins at me and various bits of this and that litter the general area.

Here's the studio site with the footings and slab all set up ready to pour.

Many things are going to changein the landscaping and seeing as I'll be devoting most of my time to building this thing and doing minimal comic work I'll be posting up the progress here,


Marcelo Baez said...

Damn! Thats exciting Tom! Good luck, and I can't wait to see it finished!

Bobby.N said...

I'm envious. You've seen my cluttered room Tom... and I've always dreamed of a big studio too... best of luck, and can't wait to see it when it's completed. - Bobby.N

Tom Bonin said...

Cheers guys! I've got the slab down now and am waiting for the rain to clear so I can play a bit of hand ball before I start building seriously!

Marcelo Baez said...

Handball!? Cool!! I was awesome at handball...

Tom Bonin said...

I challenge you to a duel!