Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MCA zine fair II

It's been too long for me to write an indepth post so I'll just say though I made as much money as I usually make on a day I didn't have the right things for sale. The girls I was sharing a table with was selling envelopes and making a fucking killing!

I should have had some badges or posters. I thought that seeing as Brendan Hallyday wasn't there I'd pinch his gig and zombify people but Karma instantly hit and not one person was interested. I asked my mate Marcello Baez if I could use him as a promo but it still didn't work.

For $7.50 and the cost of the petrol this was a worth while gig. While the crowd is mostly ziners and strole ins there was enough custom to come out on top. A gimmick or other paraphernalia to sell is needed though - one comic will not suffice.


Bobby.N said...

Cool! - Where abouts was this fair?

I've always thought that zine fairs and more narrowly focussed events are better for the likes of comics. The crowds are there 'more' for the work we're selling.


Tom Bonin said...

This one's in Sydney at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Circular Quay.

I think definitely for us indie and special interest comic creators they're the way to go for the moment. Until Doujicon and the ACAF sort themselves out.