Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lost and Found

I was rummaging through my pile of art the other day and found some stuff I did back in 2008 while I was in England. I hadn't scanned them onto the computer so I thought I'd chuck them up on the old blog.

These first 2 are some sketches I did for The List part 2. When I did the first on I thought I was going to do the cover. I did this sketch to show Paul, though he liked it he had decided to get Wayne Nichols to do the covers.

This one is of the son in the rain (der) I thought it might go in the pinup section but I wasn't really that happy with it.

These 2 pages are from a short comic Daren White wrote which was to appear in the next DeeVee. I'd just got these 2 pages of 4 done when Diamond changed there presales quoter which promted Daren to stop publishing DeeVee. A shame this comic never got to see the light of print, I was really happy with the figure drawing and normality of it all. It's title was 'Just'.


Bobby.N said...

What a bummer. Why do these things happen on the verge of something. It's like the wave reaches it's peak... then it crashes down. Like 'Alternate Worlds' comic shop here in Melbourne closed JUST when comics are on a high.

Bloody hell.


Tom Bonin said...

Alternate Worlds was such a great shop. Now all the people of Windsor have is Comics 'R' Us.

Bloody Hell.