Thursday, April 7, 2011


After 4 years The List is finally finished! Well, 4 years for me. Many more for penciller Hpop and many, many more for creator Paul bedford.
This 3rd and last installment sees the honouring of the 2 final commandments tatooed on the son's chest. There is blood, sweat, nudity and tears and an end so shocking you'll wish you stayed at home.
So come one and all to the Loop Bar, 23 Meyers pl, Melbourne, tomorrow night at 7pm for booze and a signed copy of THE LIST.

The tantalisingly juicy cover by Wayne Nichols.


Gee Hale said...

Nice one, Tom! Congrats! How's the SUpanova you've been too so far this year? I'll be at Sydney's one, so I'll probably see you there! :)

Tom Bonin said...

Cheers, Gee.
Not been to any cons this year but I'll be at Sydnova and the MCA zine fair. See you there.

comicoz said...

Tom, Now that you are "Finished' I wonder if you are looking for other challenges? I heard you are - or were - interested in AIR HAWK in days gone by. Interested in doing a cover? Please get in touch. (I don't have Outlook, so am contacting you this way...) (Nat Karmichael) And you can check out my web-site first if you care: