Thursday, March 10, 2011

Old Cowboy 2

As I said: on to the brush.

I was given a Pentel cartidge brush pen 12 years ago and ever since it has been one of my favourite tools. Almost. It has several major draw backs. You have to work slowly otherwise the line starts to break up, this can be useful for dry brush effects but i find it a bit of a bummer. You can't rub out pencils underneath, you rob out the ink too. Other than that you get a nice point, it feels nice and you can take it anywhere. So I gave the old timer a go with it seeing as I wasn't going to do rubbing out.

Stage 6

Stage 7
The Pentel cartridge brush pen didn't cut it so I moved onto another Pentel brush pen. A refillable one. These are great you can put any ink you want in them and like the other one you can take anywhere. The main problem with these is that the ink tends to rush out so the fine lines end up being just the opposite.

Stage 8
I've managed to get a bit a dry brush thing going on with the brush pen but the black is too black for my purposes so I've whipped out the white out pen. Good for stubble and hair. I also figured his hair was a bit lifeless so I put a bit of a wave into it.

Stage 9
I've ditched the other pentel and picked up an old sable, a bit too beaten up for really fine steady work but great for getting lines down fast.

Stage 10
Quite a bit more white out. It's nice o use white out as a drawing tool rather than a correction pen. You can get some very nice effects. I've taken away part of the top of the head and hair on his right. 

I'm pretty happy so now onto the colour!

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