Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The List

It was way back at the first Doujicon that I met Paul Bedford and Hpop and introduced to The List. At that time Paul had a little photocopied book of about 10 pages which he was using to get everyone into the groove. I was most impressed. Paul, Henry and I started going to the Melbourne comic meets around about the same time and soon became friends. The workload didn't fit into Henry's schedule and Paul asked me if was interested in helping bring The List to the comic stands. After a shakey start, which involved me doing backgrounds (which didn't suit because of mine and Henry's different styles), we decided that I should ink the comic.
I illustrated the cover for part one and inking started on part two. I inked part two whilst in England getting thrashings from respectable comic creators and publishers. I learned a lot in a very short amount of time and while part two was my first full inking job I had had a bit of practice on a few other small things.
I am now halfway through inking part three and while I'm no Tim Townsend I have improved. Henry's work far tighter than my own work but the control I've learnt and experience I've gained has been invaluable.
Seeing as I've been involved in this project now for five years or so, it's about time I posted up some work. I won't show much and I hope I don't give anything away.

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