Friday, October 1, 2010

The Left Hand Book

I'll Explain the title of this post later.

9 years ago I had an exhibition, which was part of the residency I was offered after leaving art school, of prints I had done through the year. There were large multy state woodcuts, some crappy self portrait etchings and these (plus 2 others which I dont have a photo).

I was very plaesed with them and wished I'd done more. Ever since I've been thinking back to these etchings and wondering if I might do something like them again. Now the tittle is explained: I was recently asked if I would like to be in an exhibition by a Julian Davies (author and co owner of Finlay Press who published Roof Tops by Mandy Ord) at his new exhibiton space called The Left Hand. Julian had actually bought one of the above print at my exhibition. So after accepting his offer it got me thinking: Maybe I could continue on with the ideas I'd left all those years ago.

The brief was to make a book (of sorts) so I decided to do some more bone drawings (not etchings this time as I don't have the time nor the access to a workshop) but this time mix them up with various arthropods. Not having much time I've kept them simple. Also I've used watered down ink to give them a softer feel and the possiblity of building up various tones. The Moebius influence was not intensional but he being in my thoughts this past while I suppose it was unaviodable.

Here is the drawing process too. I have a whole bunch of bones and arthropods to look at, I make a rough sketch and then go for it.

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