Thursday, May 27, 2010

Almost there

Well, it's taken almost 2 years of hard work (not 2 years of steady work coz when I was working on it i went pretty quickly) but Dicks the Anthology will soon be hitting a comic shelf near you. If everything goes according to plan (and so far everything is) I will be launching the anthology at Sydney Supanova on the weekend of June the 18th, 19th, 20th. I will be sharing a table with the illustrious Trevor Wood and selling Back issues of Dicks. All puchases of the anthology will receive a free sketch done on the spot!

The writers who contributed to this anthology are

James Andre - creator of Yuck!
Tom Taylor - writer of Star Wars Invasion
Jason Franks - writer of The Sixsmiths
Jen Breach - writer of Saw Bones and comic reviewer for The Age

Pinups contributed by

Trevor Wood - illustrator of Saw Bones
Daniel Reed - creator of The Crumpleton Experiments
Hayden Fryer - creator of Billy the Demon Slayer
Bobby. N- creator of Digested and Withheld
BMB - creator of Stark Reality
HPop - illustrator of The List

And here's the cover


Bobby.N said...

Cover has come up well, Tom. It'll be the standout book for many of us to buy at Supanova in the local scene.

Can't wait to flick through it in the flesh.



Louie Joyce said...

Cover looks great. Won't be making it to Supanova, so is there another way to get my hands on this?

Tom Bonin said...

Bobby, I sure hope it stands up to everyone's expectations. It's been so long since I self published, I just hope I can do a good job.

Louie, I'm glad you like the cover. I'm going to be putting this out in comic store all over the country. So if you're in a major city it shouldn't be a problem.

Jen Breach said...

Excitements! I love the tack you took with the cover, it's unexpected but really works. Very very much looking forward to getting my paws on this one...